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Astronomers Found a Star Inside a Star, 40 Years After It Was First Theorized

if u were wondering if julian casablancas’ new album is good….it is


Self portrait. Keith Haring.

Roswell, New Mexico by Phil Bergerson.

Café Kiss, by Ron Hicks

The New World Shopping Mall has been abandoned since 1999. It shut its doors after being condemned by local regulators. A few years later a massive fire destroyed the structure’s roof. Not long after that monsoon rains flooded the lower floors.

As a way to combat the spread of mosquitoes and other insects breeding in the stagnant water, locals introduced koi and catfish to the former mall. Not only did the fish take care of the pest problem, they’ve thrived. It is now one of the world’s largest urban ponds.

"Little Dog/Punk Alliance"



my favorite date is august 40th because 8/40 has at least twice as many doobies as that lame holiday in march

i fucked this up


Matisse’s The Dance in a metro station in Paris

cool dog riding water buffalo